Rockchip, Arm and OPEN AI LAB Jointly Launch First AI Development Platform


 SHANGHAI, Sep.14th, Rockchip, Arm China and OPEN AI LAB jointly released the EAIDK (Embedded AI Development Kit) development platform based on RK3399 solution, for designing and developing embedded AI applications during the AI Developer Global Summit.


RK3399 EAIDK Development Platform has integrated the reference design, chip debugging and testing and chip verification as the hardware development kits. Based on AID (the core software platform of OPEN AI LAB) and the powerful multimedia interface and various peripheral interfaces of Rockchip RK3399, it can provide the developer with high-quality hardware reference design, and allow the developer to complete the hardware development of various AI products by simply changing the reference design modular circuit or without changing the modular circuit.


"As Rockchip has accumulated extensive experience and successful cases in the field of AI chips, we have enabled our industrial chain partners to launch various AI terminal products by integrating RK3399 chip. The launch of RK3399 EAIDK Development Platform has made full use of different resources of Rockchip in order to provide AI Developers and partners with full support for their multi-scenario product and all-platform development and ecological layout, "said Rockchip Global Vice President Chen Feng.

"Rockchip RK3399 EAIDK is the first AI development platform that has applied the Arm architecture and can support SDK development and application software development and operation of RK3399 Chip. As the AI Development Platform features full interface and strong extensibility design, it can be applied to different AI usage scenarios and can support the full-function validation. " said Arm China Vice President Jin Yongbin.


As one of Rockchip high-end products, RK3399 can be applied to various applications including high-end tablets, laptops, intelligent monitors etc., as well as one powerful solution providing 4Kx2K content. In the field of AI, RK3399 has realized the multi-field, multi-industry and multi-scenario commercial application, including Smart Home, AI floor mopping robot, IoT AI smart speaker and OTT etc..

OPEN AI LAB Solution General Manager Xv Haibing ever concluded that RK3399 EAIDK development platform could be applied to different fields: "Rockchip RK3399 EAIDK development platform possesses higher flexibility in the industry-university-research cooperation, can provide corresponding platform support for various AI-related development courses for domestic and global universities and educational institutions, and facilitate the AI industrial chain development.


For developers, Rockchip RK3399 EAIDK Development Platform is able to facilitate them from three major aspects:

1. Lower the development threshold: Since RK3399 EAIDK has provided all developers with a modular development environment, developers can easily bypass various technical difficulties and focus on the product innovation and the design of different application scenarios.

2. Improve the development efficiency: Rockchip RK3399 has various interface types. Developers can quickly implement the hardware development.

3. Create a much more open environment: RK3399 features an open SDK environment, and developers can make their R&D and matching design in hardware and software much more skillful, and even make their products much more competitive.  

The First Arm AI Developers Global Summit has gathered various top companies of chip, software and hardware, and business leaders covering the upstream and downstream of AI industrial chain. It has attracted about 1000 developers at home and abroad. During this summit, various technical experts in Arm and Arm AI ecosphere and the industry have made an in-depth analysis on the embedded intelligent system for all AI developers. 

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